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Our trucks are outfitted with specialty line clearing equipment and are fully insulated to ensure maximum safety for all.

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Trees and Power Lines Don’t Mix

Trees are a wonderful asset and provide numerous benefits for your landscape; however, if you live in an area that doesn’t use an underground power network, the trees on your property can become a major liability and safety hazard, as trees and power lines are a serious cause for concern. Tree branches, limbs, or leaves near power lines are extremely problematic.
Vegetation interference with power lines is a leading cause of power outages in Florida, as fallen limbs can loosen or completely knock down the utility lines that deliver power to homes and businesses. The loss of power can have devastating effects, as it not only interrupts daily life but also has a massive impact on the economy.
Worse, tree interference with power lines is a serious fire hazard; in fact, trees touching power lines have sparked some of the biggest wildfires in the country; wildfires that have resulted in catastrophic damages.
Needless to say, trees and power lines don’t mix. The best way to prevent communities from going offline and avoid serious safety hazards is by ensuring that tree limbs and branches are trimmed back and kept a safe distance away from power lines.
Turning Point Property Maintenance, Inc. specializes in professional line clearing and tree trimming services in Pasco County, Florida, and has successfully ensured the safety of communities throughout the area

Reliable Line Trimming Services in Pasco County, FL

While energy companies are supposed to adhere to specific safety standards, unfortunately – and all too often – many mismanage trees and plants that grow near the power lines in the areas they service. Line trimming is the process of cutting back tree branches and limbs to prevent the structures from colliding with power lines.
Many locations throughout Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Dade City, and the surrounding areas don’t have underground power networks. In these areas, exposed power lines are everywhere, which means that any trees that are growing within close proximity to these power lines can pose serious safety hazards.
At Turning Point Property Maintenance, Inc., our goal is to ensure the safety of homeowners and business owners throughout Pasco County, which is why we offer professional line trimming services.
In order to prevent costly accidents, unnecessary damages, major disruptions, and serious injuries, our team of professionally trained experts is highly skilled in a variety of safe and effective line-trimming methods.
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Keeping Pasco County Safe and Protected

Turning Point Property Maintenance, Inc. is a full-service, locally owned and operated landscaping and property maintenance company that has been improving the safety and enhancing the beauty of Florida’s Central Gulf Coast region for more than 30 years.
We offer a full range of property maintenance and landscaping services, including line trimming. We have a large fleet of the highest quality specialty vehicles that are outfitted with advanced tools and equipment that are specifically designed to manage vegetation growth near power lines.
Our team of fully licensed and insured experts is properly trained and highly experienced in trimming back branches that are growing within close proximity to power lines. If necessary, we can remove entire trees without damaging nearby power lines.
Because we adhere to the most stringent standards and our trucks are fully insulated, and since we are fully licensed and insured, you can feel confident knowing that your project is in the safest and most capable hands. For precise, efficient, and affordable line trimming services in Pasco County, FL, contact us today!
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