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Hedge & Shrub Trimming

The Importance of Trimming Your Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges and shrubs are a lot like trees in that they add to the aesthetic appeal of your property, create privacy, and offer shade. Depending on where they’re situated, they can also function as a living fence that delineates your property line and can even lower your utility expenses. Also like trees, hedges and shrubs have to be properly maintained, or else they’ll become overgrown and misshapen, and will diminish the beauty of your landscape. Unkempt shrubs and hedges can become a serious safety hazard, too, as they can interfere with utility lines or other structures on your property.

Given the role they play in your landscape, in order to ensure your hedges and shrubs continue to be an asset, they need to be properly maintained, and routine trimming is an essential part of that maintenance. Why is routine hedge and shrub trimming important for your Pasco County, Florida property? Regularly trimming your shrubs and hedges will ensure these plants – and your landscape – remain visually pleasing, which will boost the overall curb appeal of your home or business. Routine trimming will also improve the health and strengthen the structural integrity of your hedges and shrubs, improves the safety of your property, and can even deter pest infestations. In other words, the benefits of routine hedge and shrub trimming are more than just cosmetic; they’re functional, too.

Why You Should Hire a Pro to Trim Your Hedges and Shrubs

Everyone wants their property to be as visually pleasing and safe as possible, but not everyone has the knowledge, foresight, skill, experience, or time to achieve these goals on their own. Since hedges and shrubs play such a big role in the look of your curb appeal and the safety of your property, hiring a professional landscaper that specializes in hedge and shrub trimming is a must. The following are just some of the advantages that hiring a pro to maintain these vital elements of your Central Gulf Coast landscape will provide:

·         The right tools and equipment
·         Proper training
·         The experience and know-how
·         Time savings
·         Cost savings
·         Better results

When you choose Turning Point Property Maintenance, Inc. for your hedge and shrub trimming needs, you’ll be able to take advantage of these benefits – and a whole lot more! To find out why so many property owners throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Dade City, and the surrounding areas choose us to maintain their hedges and shrubs – and their entire landscapes – get in touch with us today!

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Why Our Landscapers are The Right Choice

Turning Point Property Maintenance, Inc. has been maintaining the residential and commercial properties of Pasco County, Florida since 1988. That means we have more than 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, and in that time, we have become one of the most trusted companies lawn and garden maintenance providers in the region. We specialize in all aspects of landscape maintenance, including hedge and shrub trimming, and we’re proud to say that we are masters of our trade. Our team of talented technicians has experience trimming all types and sizes of hedges and shrubs, and because we use the most advanced equipment, the latest strategies, and proven techniques, we always deliver impeccable results.

For more information about our hedge and shrub trimming services, and to request a free, no-obligation consultation, get in touch with us today! We’re looking forward to enhancing the beauty and safety of your yard.

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